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The Dance of the Universe

~ The Universe is dancing with you and for you ~

"The Dance of Yoga" is The Dance of the Universe

"You are the universe in ecstatic motion ~Let yourself become living poetry.~Try another way of looking.~Try you looking and the whole universe seeing." ~ Rumi

~ ~ ~

Back to the Water ~ Through the "Endless Waters" To the Light

Life sometimes has its cute little surprises, don`t you think. In those moments nothing is impossible and everything makes perfect sense. I am grateful for all the magic in my life.

Six years ago i heard these words through the silence: "endless~ water~ lights".

I loved the sound of it and i resonated with these words deeply, but i was never sure how to express their meaning clearly, until a few months ago these words were speaking through the silence:

"Gabriella, Your Soul is craving to go back to the Water

This is your discover on Earth how to go back to the Water..

And to show the people of the Earth how to find their way back to the Water."

I still remember the moment..i was walking, on my way to teach a yoga class and these magical words just stopped me and filled me with felt like i had stepped into a new dimension where time and space do not exist.

This new message sounded such a profound truth for me and it made perfect sense. I knew that my new love "The Dance of Yoga" is so much about the Water.

Water: "The streams of living water" that flow from within to purify our body, mind, heart and spirit. I trust that this pure liquid golden energy is being awakened from within all of us.

I feel blessed for this Divine guidance and i trust that i will be guided to manifest this beautiful destiny. So I am just surrendering and flowing with this pure golden energy as i am being held in the loving arms of the Universe.